Friday, December 16, 2011


So we can't believe that we have been home a week with Mia already.  She is doing great and is so much fun.  Sam and I can't imagine our lives without her.

Mia loves to be laugh and play.  She has begun exploring the house and has all but forgotten her pacifier and blanket during the day.  She just doesn't have time to keep up with those with all the moving and talking she is doing.

The two things that Mia loves most in the world are music and eating.  Even better music while eating.  She eats everything and I mean everything.  And she has such a great time doing it.

She has the best crinkle face and laugh and we are trying to get a picture of it.  But here is a close shot.  Not a great pic but the subject makes up for it.

Mia loves to take a bath in her ducky tub.  She plays with the water and laughs and screams and only gets mad if you take her out too soon.

She has already had a play date with her friend Rylan, who came home from Korea the week before she did.  In fact, we are headed to another friend's house tonight and Rylan and her Mommy & Daddy will be there too for more fun.

Mia has also had two play dates with her friend Brandon.  He came over a week ago and brought Mia a Mickey Mouse, smart boy to bring a gift.  Brandon's Mommy & Grandma came too.  Brandon's family are family to us too.  We are so lucky to have the best neighbors.

Then Mia's Noona, Katie came to visit with her Mommy Kendra.  Kendra and Katie and all the Odoms are also family to us and Katie long ago agreed to be Mia's big sister.  She is already doing a great job.  They don't live next door anymore but they are still really close.  Katie's Mommy and Mimi have been so much help to us.

We are still working to get Mia's sleep straightened out.  She is doing better every day with the time change.  She loves her crib.  Asks to go in it.

I have so much to say and no time to type as we are off to see Rylan at Alex's Mommy & Daddy's house.  Alex isn't home just yet but we know they will be good friends as soon as he is.  I will blog more with extra pictures soon but here is some random cuteness.  There is lots of fun stuff coming up with Christmas and Gran and Grandpa coming back and getting to meet the rest of the family too.


  1. Thanks for giving us an update. Mia is just precious! Glad to hear she is doing so well!

  2. Sounds like her and G could be sisters! Food and music makes our girl happy too! Congrats